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Aqua News

  • Happy Holidays from AquaNew! View our uplifting video.
  • AquaNew's 10th Anniversary Announcement: Sleeker, Slimmer and Taller One-Liter Bottles with New Diamond Energy Label, Now Available! READ MORE
  • WIT Machine (10-cell) in service at Delphi University/Luminara Wellness Center and Watt-Ahh® available at the Oasis Shop. READ MORE
  • Another WIT Machine (10-cell) in service at Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic located in Hollywood, FL. READ MORE
  • READ new testimonials on breathing Dioxytetrahydride Gas. (Go to 4th side banner on right, entitled Breathe!)
  • AquaNew CEO Rob Gourley's Article in Beverage Industry Magazine, June 2017 edition about wide applications for electrons ranging from lowering energy costs in water purification to energy for both optimum healing and cognitive function. READ MORE
  • New White Paper on WIT Technology prepared by Inventor Rob Gourley with assistance by a Physical Chemist and dated June of 2017. READ MORE
  • READ the "State of the Beverage" Editorial by AquaNew’s Dana and Rob Gourley, Observations and Opinions from attending The Beverage Forum held in Chicago, IL, April 27-28, 2017.
  • Watt-Ahh® is Part of "All Things Liquid" in the Recent Issue of Edible Sarasota Magazine. READ MORE
  • SRQ Magazine features Watt-Ahh® as one of the top ten hottest products made on the Florida Gulf Coast. READ MORE
  • Video on “Healing Requires Energy” with AquaNew CEO, Rob Gourley, and Dr. John Monhollon, MD, of the Florida Integrative Medical Center in Sarasota, FL, Nov. 9, 2016.
  • READ the new WIT report entitled “Neurological Support” and the quote from Dr. Carol Brown, MD: "One of the great things about the Polarized Water is that it not only flushes out poisons and toxins, it increases and stabilizes the nervous system so it can function at its maximum potential."
  • Thank you, customers of Rebecca’s Natural Foods located in Charlottesville, VA. for voting Watt-Ahh® as their No. 1 Top Grocery Pick.
  • READ the Natural Products Insider Blog on the WIT Technology, dated April 8, 2016.
  • Quote from Dr. Lenny Lomax MD on a wound healing case: “The healing characteristics and potential of Aquanew in the areas of wound healing and potentially tissue regeneration are nothing short of phenomenal.” READ MORE
  • A case of 24 ½–Liter Size (16.9 oz.) Bottles is $40 plus shipping cost and a case of 12 Liter Size (33.8 oz.) Bottles is $28 plus shipping cost. Visit Our Online Store.
  • Our Amazon Webstore also sells both bottle sizes (24 ½–Liter Size (16.9 oz.) Bottles and 12 1-Liter Size Bottles of Watt–Ahh®.
  • See Georgetown Equine Hospital's report, entitled "AquaNew as an Agent in Wound Care for the Horse."
  • A WattAhh-Shed Moment: Dr. Zachary Bush, MD, presented a New Health Paradigm at a medical summit held in Sarasota, FL., January 2013.
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  • Meet Inventor Rob Gourley
  • AquaNew Partners with Childhelp® to support the intervention and prevention of child abuse. »
  • University study report on Watt-Ahh® released on 5/3/11. For copy of entire report, please contact
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  • New Testimonials! Take a look at new Health Testimonials
  • Results from the First Autism Pilot Study
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