2016 Health Innovation Week

First Event – Open House Co-hosted with Florida Integrative Medical Center and WIT International

img_3146Over 40 individuals attended the open house held on Wednesday evening, Nov. 9, 2016. Speakers included Mark Huey, Director of the Sarasota Economic Development Corporation and Health Innovation WeekRob Gourley, CEO of WIT International and Inventor of the WIT Machine that operates at the IV Room and Overnight Recovery Center of the Florida Integrative Medical Center; and Dr. John Monhollon, M.D. of the FLIMC who, while holding his young daughter, introduced her to the group and also talked about the use of the WIT Machine in his clinic. Other speakers were Wendy, the office manager of FLIMC; Oxana Dats of Ionie Retreat and Raw Food Café who described the delicious buffet of raw food dishes served to the attendees (in the photo, Oxana is on the right and Megan also of Ionie Café is on the left); Jim Monhollon, Dr. Monhollon’s father; and Stephen Musco, CPA of Stephen M. Musco & Company, CPA, who provides financial and tax advice for WIT. I had the honor of introducing each speaker.

Gary Seaboyer, Director of Engineering of CtP.USA.biz (and the Gourley’s brother-in-law), and Patricia Bennett who is an AquaNew partner, both assisted in greeting and registering the guests. Cindy Readnower of Skinny Leopard Media was the photographer and videographer. Of course, chilled Watt-Ahh® bottled water from AquaNew was provided to the attendees.

After the speaker presentations the group was invited to visit the overnight recovery center that draws individuals from many places around the world who benefit from the therapies offered at FLIMC, including sleeping overnight while breathing the water-based gas generated from the WIT Machine.

Approximately 25 photos of this great event are posted on AquaNew’s Facebook Page. Click the video below to watch a short segment of Rob Gourley and Dr. John Monhollon discussing uses of the WIT Machine and how healing requires energy:

Second Event – BioFlorida Expo

biof1biof2The Sarasota BioFlorida Expo, held this year at the Ringling College of Art and Design on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, was well attended. We had a table exhibit and met life sciences professionals from different parts of the U.S. Gary Seaboyer, Director of Engineering of CtP.USA.biz, assisted Rob and me on greeting individuals and giving out information on the WIT Technology (also some complimentary handouts of Watt-Ahh® bottled water).

Third Event – Enzymedica Behind-the-Scenes Tour

biof3Rob and I went on the tour of Enzymedica located in Venice, FL on Friday, Nov. 12, 2016. We met Marketing Manager Ryan Sensenbrenner, who has become our newest friend. He told us about the SOHO Expo and is one of the keynote speakers and a SENPA Board member. We also found this photo of Ryan on the SENPA website. Ryan recommended that we should exhibit at the upcoming show in Orlando, and we accepted his recommendation.

The design layout of the corporate offices (inspired by an abstract painting of a sailboat) has a synergistic relationship with the close-by production lines and warehouse. Ryan explained that their strong team is cross-trained for other functions of the business (e.g., a marketing agent may know how to run product inventory). We recommend taking the tour if it is offered again to the public, and we highly recommend their quality products. I can vouch the digestive enzymes that Ryan gave us alleviated my digestive discomfort and effects of food intolerances (gluten) within less than two days.

One of the founders of Enzymedica also supports a local nonprofit organization that helps those with autism disorder. We understand funding, protocols, and clinic trials are currently being coordinated between the organization and medical clinics to determine the efficacy of the digestive enzymes for alleviating digestive symptoms that may be associated with neurological disorders.