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by AquaNew on September 27, 2018

in Watt-Ahh

Thank you, Amazon customers, for making it possible for Amazon to designate Watt-Ahh liter-sized bottles as one of its “Amazon Choices”.

The “Amazon’s Choice” label, with its sleek graphite background and orange-and-white lettering serves to make it more convenient for customers to search general categories such as bottled water, and avoid Amazon’s maze of multiple product listings.

According to Business Insider, the customer can usually discern if an item is labeled Amazon’s Choice:

  • It’s popular and frequently bought by customers who searched the same thing you did.
  • It has a high customer rating.
  • It’s available to ship quickly via Prime (Note: we try to ship from our corporate offices in Sarasota, FL. either the same or next business day; however, it is via regular Amazon shipping rate and not Prime which we do not currently offer).
  • It’s shipped by Amazon itself, if not always sold by Amazon.  (Note: see above).
  • It has a low return rate from customers.
  • It has a competitive price.

Essentially, according to Business Insider, a product marked “Amazon’s Choice” is an item that many buyers have purchased and were satisfied with, as told to Amazon through reviews data. Amazon’s Choice gives product distinction for its customers, by recommending highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

Amazon orders waiting for UPS pickup.

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