by Dana Gourley on August 25, 2017

in Cosmetics, Health/Nutrition

We all seek younger looking, vibrant skin. We try moisturizers that have secret formulas, each promising age-removing results.

Recently, a story about a man undergoing a liver transplant gave me a revelation …What I learned from his story is the skin is not the only organ that can wrinkle! The man experienced liver failure and loss of weight. For weeks before undergoing surgery, he drank Polarized Water daily. I now understand that our organs can actually reach a level of dehydration too when under stress. It is more of a challenge for surgeons to operate on organs that are not fully hydrated. The gentleman came through surgery in less time (at least two hours less) since his liver was in a better hydrated state prior to surgery. It is a good idea to drink the Polarized Water before and after any surgery.

My husband, Rob, has an opinion that most types of water do not hydrate the brain. Rob says the Polarized Water crosses the blood-brain barrier to hydrate the brain and transport Vitamin C, which is known to reduce plaque buildup in the brain, thereby reducing the risk of neurological maladies.

Drinking the Polarized Water can “moisturize” all of your organs beyond what any skin lotion can do! 


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