One of Our Favorite Blogs from 2013: Are You Smarter than 5-Hour Energy?

by AquaNew on March 21, 2016

in Health/Nutrition


You might recall in 2013, one of the iconic 5-Hour Energy TV commercials of a man running a marathon while knitting a sweater. We originally posted this back in August of 2013, and the content is as relevant today as it was then: 

Young woman wearing pullover and capWe multi-task all day long – meeting with clients, running kids to soccer, making dinner and helping with homework. Should we trick our minds into thinking we can knit a sweater while running a marathon? Watch Out – Running with knitting needles could be treacherous!

Also treacherous is that the caffeine in energy shots can carry its own “knitting needles” – a low dosage of a drug stimulant that tricks the brain into thinking it is no longer fatigued. Any smart person can find multiple online stories on the side effects and health concerns over energy shots. Tricking our minds with artificial chemicals is not a smart way to achieve good sustainable health and wellbeing.

sweaterblueOkay, AquaNew customers are smart people who want to find the best way to trigger the natural energy levels of our own bodies. The best option is to stay hydrated with Watt-Ahh® as an energy shot alternative. Ultra-pure Watt-Ahh® supports the cellular-level of the mitochondria, which serve as the core source of our own natural energy. Our brains deserve the best innate source of energy that is not artificially induced by energy shots.

After all, would you really want to wear a sweater that was knitted while running a marathon?

Watt-Ahh® – Natural Energy for Smart Brains

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