Respiratory Hydration

Pulmonary Failure Due to Both Combustible and Vaporable Devices

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recently initiated an investigation to determine whether or not there is a connection between use of vape devices and persons experiencing lung function failure. Aerosols emitted from both vaporable and combustible devices also could endanger the health of persons nearby. The patented WIT Technology if available in hospitals treating […]

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Respiration Hydration II – Hazards of In-Flight Dehydration

WIT Technology used to make Watt-Ahh can assist in Respiration Hydration under extreme elevational conditions. This chapter focuses on in-flight dehydration risk to both commercial pilots and their passengers. Breathing dry cabin air with reduced oxygen and desert-like low humidity, causes considerable water loss in respiration. A 1-2% decrease in total body water content can […]

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Respiratory Ease in High Humidity

High humidity in the summertime can feel like a warm shower … great to hydrate the skin but can make it more difficult to breathe, feeling like breathing under a warm shower. Working in the garden or exercising outdoors in high humidity can make the lungs feel like they are working overtime. Watt-Ahh provides oxygen […]

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