Watt-Ahh in the News

Uplifting Hurricane Recovery Stories

I was gratefully relieved to read about the stories shared by nine customers (and friends). Their stories were surprisingly uplifting about the outcome of their respective tough decisions to either stay or flee prior to the imminent approach of Hurricane Irma into Florida. One woman from Georgia wrote that she and local churches provided shelter, […]

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Beverage Industry Magazine

In September, Beverage Industry Magazine showcased our new high-rise beauty with both an article and a photo of the new liter bottle. COO Dana Gourley is quoted in the article, “Like other beverage companies, we sell to both brick-and-mortar stores and through Amazon.com; however, our main business channel is different. It has emerged that we […]

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Tech This Out! – Ten Years Ago

Before being launched into the market in November of 2007, this beauty shot of Watt-Ahh® appeared in New York Magazine along with five other “new luxury water with fantastic supposed properties.” Author Beth Landman was absolutely correct on one of her statements: “the water boom is just starting.” Her prediction has come true with bottled […]

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