Caveman Trivia – The Results

Our question that was posted on AquaNew’s Facebook Page last weekend:

Ancient man did not have antibiotic drugs but mankind survived. Question: What is the chemical compound made in ancient man that is also made by our own bodies, and defends against bad bacteria?

Drum Roll, Please! The answer is: Hydrogen Peroxide

Our own bodies (as well as that of ancient man) make hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) that breaks down into water (H2O) and a nascent oxygen (O). A free single atom of oxygen (also referred as oxygen being in a nascent state) is the most effective in killing bacteria in the body. A single atom of oxygen will seek a covalent relationship with another oxygen to form a O2 becoming more benign to our cells. Fluorine has a greater oxidation potential when compared to that of a nascent oxygen but our bodies do not make Fluorine (nor Chlorine/salt for that matter).

Received Responses and Winners

For this topic on Ancient Man, there are no incorrect answers since none of us were around to fact check! Everyone who guessed at the answer by forwarding to no later noon ET last Sunday, August 26, 2018 will be receiving one case of 24-16.9 oz. bottles with either free delivery or shipping. The winners are: Phil J. of FL., Jen S. of Murphy of NC, Jay M. of  FL., and Judith W. of SC.

This posting received over 28,000 views, almost 400 reactions, more than 60 shares and more than 60 comments … the caveman topic is not trivial! The answers ranged from the clinical (cytokines, interferon, endogenous, antibodies, brain tissue, white blood cells, T-cells and neutrophils) to diet (water, coffee, salt/sodium, honey, cannabinoids, probiotics, carbon and basic foods such as roasted meats and fruits) to bodily secretions/excretions (mucus, urine and poop) and more (dirt, soap, oxen, genetics, DNA, differences in longevity, both political and cultural opinions, evolution and religious philosophy). Along with answers of cytokines and interferon, other close answers relevant to hydrogen peroxide production in the body were “white blood cells”, “T-cells” and “neutrophils” or a type of white blood cell (see next subsection below) which were respectively posted by Rick J. of Texas, Jj R. of Colorado, Pathfinder N., Paula C. of Texas, and Jose L. of Texas on AquaNew’s Facebook Page (we neither received their answer entry nor their shipping addresses to us via by the deadline). Thank you for all who either sent in their answers to us or commented/liked (or not) this posting on our Facebook Page.*

AquaNew’s Library on the Topic of Hydrogen Peroxide

Body’s Production of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is produced by our bodies through a number of mechanisms (see also the subsection below on “Possible Imbalance of Hydrogen Peroxide in the Body”).  Certain white blood cells (also known as “T-lymphocytes” or “T-cells”) generate hydrogen peroxide and it is released when white blood cells and stem cells are signaled to wound sites. Our theory is that the Polarized Water when applied topically to an open wound will amplify the signaling for both white blood cells and stem cells to come to the wound site plus stabilize longer the natural hydrogen peroxide produced by our bodies at the wound site. READ MORE, then go to the press release dated April 28 and 29, 2016.


It is commonly thought that chlorine kills bacteria. The cleaning ads on t.v. that indicate the bathroom is only clean if chlorine could be a dangerous myth.  In the 1780’s, James Watt (we like the last name) introduced a bleaching theory that nascent oxygen resulting from chlorine added to water actually kills bacteria. Once the free oxygen is released from such a chlorine mixture and if exposed to the skin, the resulting hydrochloric acid can kill our own cells. It is always a good idea to wear gloves and have good ventilation when cleaning the bathroom with a chlorine cleanser.

A current example of the ineffectiveness of chlorine is the red tide outbreak that has impacted the southern Gulf of Mexico coastline of Florida this summer. Chlorine (made from salt) is not an active agent that kills overgrowth of red algae that causes the red tide outbreaks.

The bacteria in our gut also make different forms of alcohol from the food we consume. The problem is that alcohol on hand wipes (as well as alcohol swipes applied onto the skin prior to an injection) immediately evaporates and consequently, does not stay long on the surface of the skin to effectively kill bacteria.

On September 6, 2016, we posted this article about the effectiveness of chemicals in “antibiotic” products soaps and alcohol wipes. Some of these chemicals have been banned by the FDA. With concerns about protecting human DNA, chlorine use also has been banned in European countries for years. The EU has concerns about chlorine-washed chicken products being imported from the U.S.

Instead, the most natural form of sanitation is hydrogen peroxide and that is why it is a great breakthrough that the Polarized Water (or Watt-Ahh) stabilizes hydrogen peroxide  for years. When cleaning with the Polarized Water combined with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the nascent oxygen is released to kill bacteria and only water remains which is benign to our cells if there is topical exposure. Our WIT Technology is licensed to at least one manufacturer of wound care devices. Also, we recommend using the Polarized Water in the operation of C-Paps and for cleaning, using a mixture of the Polarized Water and a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide (food safe).

Possible Imbalance of Hydrogen Peroxide in Body

As we discussed herein, the human body produces hydrogen peroxide and one involves the production of thyroid hormones. Again, hydrogen peroxide is thermodynamically unstable and will breakdown into water (H2O) and a nascent oxygen. The latter can cause oxidative stress when there is either a deficiency or imbalance of either iodine or selenium. Consequently, the integrity of the protective lining inside organs may be breached and cysts (pockets of tissue with accumulated fluid such as blood or pus) may form. Cysts may cause such symptoms as blood in the urine or some physical pain. READ MORE

Well, that the body’s intrinsic production of hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in our theory about how humans have survived diseases and allowed evolution into today’s human beings. There is a growing concern about bacteria resistance from the overuse of both antibiotics and alcohol-based hand sanitizer products but it is good to know that our bodies have a backup plan. And, we think it is timely for a new sanitation formula of a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide stabilized by Polarized Water to be more commonly used in antibacterial products on the market that are more compatible with our own body’s defenses and less harsh on skin cells too.

* BTW, the photo, purchased from Deposit Photos and shown above at the top of this page, is intended to represent a comparison between Homo Erectus (pre-Neanderthal) and a Modern Human. We recognize it is somewhat extreme in its visual differential but we wanted to prompt in an entertaining way, a discussion about what is similar biology between ancient and modern man that aids in survival (and health). The photo, however, caused some individuals to adversely react (we understand that both Africa and Europe have been  archeologically and genetically identified as “birthplaces” for mankind). Our efforts were only to solicit answers for our “caveman trivia” game, and we confess that some of the learned medical-related answers we received, such as “neutrophils” and “cytokines”, caused us to go find more information.  Thank you again to all who participated!