Dana’s Got Magnets!

by Dana Gourley on August 21, 2017

in Exercise / Sports, Human Interest Stories

I have the dubious distinction of being the most hit woman during extreme tennis cardio at Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota, Florida. Fortunately, while trying to return speeding fuzzy yellow balls at the net, a direct hit beyond the sweet spot of a tennis racquet usually only stings for a short time. I figure, if I get hit, I am at least near the range of action for a blasting return shot!

Recently, my partner and I were running together to the other side of the court during an intense cardio competition. My partner, who is swift on her feet, got “felted” by a tennis ball. I heard the best explanation from another tennis player who yelled: “Dana’s Got Magnets!” LOL, I would like to attribute this to the electromagnetic nature of Watt-Ahh®. I am sure my clumsy moves on the tennis court could never be a factor!

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