Electrons and Blood Circulation

by Dana Gourley on July 26, 2018

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A full pallet of Watt-Ahh (672 liter-sized bottles) is on its way to Hong Kong. I had to ask the merchant if his customers are interested in having pure water from the United States. He explained instead that it is more in the fascination with the metaphysical … knowing the presence of electrons embedded in the Polarized Water that cannot be seen … will play huge in Asia. He continued that his customers will likely pour the Water from the bottle into special containers with crystals embedded into the cap of the container before drinking the Water. I assumed the combination was intended to improve qi (life energy) and blood circulation.

In the folklore of oriental medicinal treatments, rare animal parts (e.g., ground antlers) were used for increased blood circulation. Today’s western medicine of prescribing drugs that “thin the blood” or lower blood pressure may also be part of the folklore (or worse with secondary impacts such as kidney malfunction).

Instead, regular exercise and proper hydration are likely in most cases, to be more effective in maintaining good circulation for the proper functioning of all organs including the heart and kidneys …. but I had to learn more about the crystal angle.

Consequently, the focus of this article is on electron energy from either light or water, generating a frequency that could improve blood circulation. More specifically, natural processes of maintaining the electrical balance of our platelets for better blood flow, and less clotting and plaquing within the blood vessels connecting to our vital organs.

In preparing this article, I interviewed Dr. Walter Campbell and he confirmed with me that blood circulation is the body’s fundamental defense against diseases. During our conversation, he mentioned several herbs including frankincense and myrrh that support improved blood circulation. He also kindly took the time to tell me about his experiences with crystals which I share in this article along with an insight from a customer who is a professional dowser.

Electrons Borne from Light

Dr. Campbell told me about phantom crystal quartz (visible crystal formation layers within the quartz). He said he taps two phantom crystals together to create a spark of light. The light (photons) energizes the electrons.

Quartz can be found in the silicon-oxide compounds such silica (sand). As you know, silicon is used to create perfectly-ordered crystals in producing computer chips. Although silicon is the most abundant semiconductor material on Earth, it is not the best semiconductor. In February 2018, researchers reported the recent discovery of electron movement around crystals made with alternating layers of tin and sulfur that have less energy loss when compared to that of silicon semiconductors … signaling the beginning of the end of the silicon age in meeting future computer performance demands.

Electrons Borne from Water

The WIT electromagnetic process converts liquid water into a stable crystalline-like gas (Dioxytetrahydride Gas). The structure of the Gas with its extra electrons is infused back into highly-purified water to create the Polarized Water, Watt-Ahh … hence the design of the label for the one-liter sized bottles has three diamonds falling through water and the Emoto-like word “Energy”. For blood circulation, our theories include the Polarized Water will provide a balanced electrical flow in the blood and could reduce blood pressure issues. Considering the recent discovery of electron movement around crystals (see subsection above), our theories have expanded such that the crystalline-like structure of the Polarized Water has negative and positive charges also moving along the outer ring (not through the crystalline structure) that provide cellular energy to our blood platelets. An electrical balance can serve to repel or separate blood platelets to avoid either clotting or unobstructed blood flow.

We recently received a functional health testimonial about Watt-Ahh posted on Amazon, as follows:

July 22, 2018 – Verified Purchase

“I suspected this would a difficult product to review. I was correct. I decided to finish the whole case before writing a review. If I had done it after 10-16 oz. bottles I suspect the results would have been hard as there wasn’t a difference I could tell. I want to state that I also drank purified water as well as this water. I didn’t mix them, but did drink them at different times throughout the day. I did this for a month and drank a bottle every day, accept for two days due to medical things where I had to do specific things, this made 26 days total. What I noticed is the following. At first, I didn’t feel a whole lot different and even now it’s not like your taking something impacting in terms of how it feels. I did notice when I peed, my urine was much clearer and not as yellow and this became apparent the longer the days went on in the trial I did. I also noticed when I took certain pills with it, the pills seemed to work better. I had a headache and took a pill for it with this water. The pill seemed to work quicker and I could feel the headache almost melting away over a 10 minute period. I am also a very hyper person and this water seemed to calm me when I drank it in larger quantities during the day. My wife noticed I spoke a bit slower and clearer. The biggest difference for me was my blood pressure. It usually runs high and my usual is 137/84 give or take some points which is pre-hypertension. Sometimes it gets higher. After drinking this water for 24 days I went and had my BP done (Not at the Docs office) because it’s always higher there for me due to white coat syndrome. I donated blood and my reading there was 118/77 which is normal and great for me. The specialist stated wow that is better than normal for you. I had it done again yesterday at the docs office as I had a follow up and its was 123/ 79 which is still better than normal for me and my doc was happy. Now with all these can anyone say 100% conclusive the water is reason, honestly no. What I do know is the water is the only different consistent thing I have been doing during this time”. Physcosiz (5 stars)

Crystals and Water Containers

Crystals need a light source (or spark) for higher electron energy while Watt-Ahh has its own intrinsic electron energy. If you decide to try a water container with crystals, you might consider buying either a clear plastic (PET-1) or glass one to allow light access. It is fine to use a glass container to pour in Watt-Ahh but glass will pull electrons out of the water so it is not preferred for long-term storage. Also, crystals should not be added directly into any drinking water to avoid choking.

Here’s the fun shopping part.  I found a few examples by googling. I have not purchased one but these water containers are attractive.

For those looking for luxury, a water container with a gold-plated cap encrusted with Swarovski crystals may be the perfect accessory for the ultimate of cocktail parties. I think, instead, there is enough sophistication in drinking directly from the Watt-Ahh diamond-energy bottles … but I do recognize my bias too.

Frequencies of Watt-Ahh

When I told Kate, the dowser and a Watt-Ahh customer, about the Hong Kong story of pouring Watt-Ahh into crystal water bottles, she performed some research for us. She reported back that she did “some dowsing of the best gemstones to use by measuring the altered vibrational frequencies of W-A”. She discovered the best gemstones are hematite and nebula stone. She continued … “Interesting to find that both are equated energetically with the manifestation of spiritual energy in physical form.  At least that seems to be the gist”.  That sounds metaphysical to me!

AquaNew Inventor Rob Gourley has measured himself two frequencies of Watt-Ahh … similar to that of gold and iron. For the latter, hematite is ferrous oxide which is the important ore of iron. Rob uses electron-conductive mild steel (contains iron) in making the plates inside the operating cells of the WIT Machines (converting liquid water to gas). I like to think about the similarities with the iron core of Mother Earth.

The nebula stone seems to have a more cosmic nature when compared to hematite. It has a lofty purpose of “aiding in the raising of consciousness of humanity and the restoring of the Earth’s elementation”. The rare combination of a black stone with scattered quartz and green vortexes or spherulites (looking like alien eyes) is described by some to represent the Milky Way with its stars and stardust.

Emails from Dowser Kate after she reviewed this article, dated July 27, 2018: “Dana, this is a wonderful article and I’m so excited by the whole new level of experimentation combining W-A and gemstone energy!. The only addition that feels right would by a last comment indicating whether/when you will update on conclusions of testing, or hypotheses Rob may be coming up with. The end of the article felt a tiny unfinished…. Gathered excitement from reading was too quickly terminated.

Now, a thought occurred to me while putting my feet up. When I think of gemstones, it is with the vibrational frequencies of each in mind. Like you and Rob, the concept of transferring those frequencies need only include intent. That intent, for some uncomfortable with that concept, is more comfortably delivered by printed image or word affixed to the outside of a water container (eg. a sticky note with the name of the gemstone written on it, or diamonds on the label). Then, depending on belief systems involved, some would still want the stone affixed to the outside of the container. Going further with that application of energy, I thought of people with the thought that one must have the stone in the water to have an effect on W-A. That is where my mind unleashed an ‘OH-NO’ warning to me … MOST IMPORTANT, do not put stones in water that you will use for bathing or drinking without being sure that any potentially toxic qualities will not leach into the water …

Please let me know if you want any specific dowsing work surrounding this project. I would be really happy to be involved, if it would help”.

Reply to Kate: “You gave us the best ending plus your good-intention offer to perform an additional dowsing project. We agree it is never safe to add anything non-food related to drinking water. That being said, Rob and I are fascinated with both the nebula stones and  your results showing W-A has both earthly and heavenly frequencies. Thank you for being a great friend that we met through the water”. Love and Electrons! Dana and Rob

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