Energy for Healthier Red Blood Platelets

Millions of persons worldwide experience adverse symptoms of sickle cell disorders. Even more are born with the sickle cell trait (SCT). The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates about one in 13 Black or African-American babies are born with SCT.

The disorder can cause round red blood cells to contort into a sickle shape with less oxygen delivery to the body. The sickle-shaped cells become more rigid and cluster with other blood cells (some describe as becoming “sticky”). They also will die earlier.

One of the adverse symptoms is hemorrhaging in the eye that might cause blindness. The hemorrhaging can result either from the sickle shape of the blood cells puncturing vessels inside the eye or from the accumulation of irregularly-shaped dead blood cells that block blood flow inside the vessels.

We have a theory in collaboration with Dr. Walter Campbell, DAOM, AP, that when a patient either breathes the Dioxytetrahydride Gas or the Gas is diffused across the eyes using modified swim goggles, blood cells can become more round in shape with greater oxygen delivery potential and additional electrons that repel (or separate) from other blood cells.

A Patient’s Testimonial

Adrienne, under the care of Dr. Campbell, has had at least six treatments to date using the goggles for painless diffusing of Dioxytetrahydride Gas into her eyes. Each treatment was between one to two hours. Adrienne’s testimonial follows:

“I am 51 years old, and was born with a hereditary condition that affects the oxygen level in my red blood platelets. Recently in the last 2 years, I started having problems with my eyes.  I have virtuous hemorrhaging in the rear of my eye which means it is basically bleeding.  The sickle-shape of cells cut the veins of my eyes, and cause bleeding.  I was able to see floaters in my eye which was a warning sign that something was about to happen.

I tried the water ionization water treatment machine.  The first treatment, I did not notice much difference in my eyes.  Dr. Campbell assured me to continue to do the treatments.  I finished the 2nd treatment, and there was an improvement in my vision.  The floaters were smaller, and had started to break up. I went to my eye specialist after the 2nd treatment, and he did not see the need to inject me in the eye.  On the 3rd treatment, I tried both the eye goggles, and the cannula together.  The results were amazing.  The floaters in my eyes were tiny, and the strands that looked like little hairs in my eyes were almost gone.  As I type this, there is not anything blocking my vision.  I will see my retina specialist again in one month, and I can’t wait to see what he says.

4th treatment using both items was even better.  I could not notice any floaters, and the hair like particles were going away.  My eyes were cloudy before; but, now they are clear.  I am grateful for this new technology.  I am looking forward to my next treatment.  I’ve also noticed that my hands look red after the treatments, so my guess is that it is oxygenating my blood.  Thank you again Dr. Campbell.  It’s because of your commitment to excellence that I am able to live pain free, and crisis free.”

Photos of patient’s live blood from Dr. David Sontag’s Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic and provided to us by Dr. Campbell (each treatment using the WIT Machine was approximately 2 hrs.) follow:

After Fifth Treatment (no. 1564)







After Six Treatment (no. 1572)







After six treatments, Dr. Campbell reports that his patient is neither seeing black spots nor experiencing blurry vision. The live blood photos show slight differences between the fifth and sixth treatments. According to Dr. Campbell, the trend seems to be rounder-shaped blood platelets and more separation among the blood platelets due to additional electron-charge (a “cushion” from other blood platelets since the added electrons on the outer ring repels other nearby blood platelets). There is less of a “cottage cheese” effect or accumulation of fibrous bodies or floaters within the matrix. Dr. Campbell is looking for new patients with eye conditions due to sickle cell-related disorders to perform baseline live blood analysis prior to the WIT treatment.

Dr. Campbell’s Healing Hypothesis

An excerpt from Dr. Campbell’s protocol report … “The gas is diffused through the cornea via its highly ionized electrons which mimic the same electrons that are liberated by the body’s own mitochondria.

The gas enters through the cornea into the interior and posterior chambers of the eye which are filled with aqueous and vitreous humors.  These substances are largely composed of water and are very compatible for the diffusion of the gas, so now we have humors that are charged with the same energy of the body and highly energized oxygen which comes in contact with the retinal ganglion cells of the eye (a type of neuron located near the inner surface of the retina), thereby nourishing every tissue in the eye”.

READ MORE: A protocol entitled “Innovative Integrated Treatments for Retinitis Pigmentosa”, prepared by Dr. Walter Campbell, DAOM, AP, April 2018.

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