Farewell to Offshore Racer Keith Holmes of the Cat-Can-Do Race Boat

by AquaNew on August 14, 2017

in REDS Offshore Racing

REDS Offshore Racing (Watt-Ahh Race Boat) extends their condolences to Throttles Keith Holmes’ family and team members. The details of the tragic accident seem to be still under investigation. It involved a collision between Miss Geico and CK Motorsports/American Ethanol’s Cat-Can-Do race boats last month in St. Clair, Michigan.

Miss Geico typically races in its own “Extreme” class and our Watt-Ahh boat started with Geico, along with several other boats, during the 2016 Sarasota Grand Prix (The photo to the left shows the two boats after being splashed by the crane at the 10th Street boat launch).

Cat-Can-Do was competing with Miss Geico in the OPA Extreme Class during the St. Clair River Classic Offshore Powerboat Races. Both boats had made a turn and were accelerating to vie for their position when the bow of Geico’s boat collided into the throttles (port) side of Cat-Can-Do’s boat.

One of the postings on Cat-Can-Do Racing Facebook gives the best advice: “When life comes to an end. Leave a legacy! Be passionate about what you do, and do your quality best. In Memory Keith Holmes. Boat on my Friends!”

For more information surrounding this story, click the links below: 

First Video of the Race 

Second Video Showing Damage to the Geico Boat 

Photo of Damage to Cat-Can-Do Boat

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