Faster Recovery from Seasonal Bugs

by AquaNew on February 27, 2017

in Health/Nutrition, Potential Uses of Watt-Ahh

Unfortunately, it seems that there is a higher risk of catching a cold or flu from visitors traveling to Florida during the peak visitor season. We all seek fast recovery to get out and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. Although Watt-Ahh® alone cannot defend you against exposure to the seasonal bugs, it may help to reduce the intensity and length of time for side effects, such as a lingering respiratory cough. Some customers tell us about a faster recovery in drinking the Polarized Water. In addition to drinking Watt-Ahh® during illness to maintain good hydration and detoxification, you might consider using it in a vaporizer and breathe the water gas while you sleep at night. The electrons in Watt-Ahh® will supply extra energy for your body to support healing and may help get you back to full-swing faster with your life.

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