First WIT (Water Ion Technologies) Machine Arrives and Is Installed in a Medical Clinic in Sarasota, FL

by AquaNew on July 15, 2015

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16345c82-e744-4b07-b11c-e8c543050f8ePart-time resident of Sarasota, Florida, Rick Kinning, has a strong opinion that the quality of freshwater is critical for worldwide health. Over the past year, his leadership and start-up financing made it possible to convert Rob Gourley’s water ion machine prototypes into new age machines ready for manufacturing. “Very few inventors ever see their machines reach a manufacture stage with state-of-the-art operating systems for remote sensing” said Gourley. “Rick and his team of project managers, engineers, designers and assemblers at RK Mechanical showed great perseverance and skill in building at least two types of WIT Machines to date: one type for respiratory therapy and the second type, a large-capacity machine similar to that operated by AquaNew at a bottling plant in Tampa, Florida.”

wit.logowitrkwater415The headquarters for Kinning’s world class manufacturing corporation (which employs over 1,200 people), is located in Denver, Colorado. RK Mechanical is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the WIT Machines.

Nickname: “The Metamorphosis Machine”

Gourley’s wife and business partner, Dana Gourley, said, “One of my favorite nicknames is the ‘Metamorphosis Machine’ since we have witnessed what appears to be immunity boosts for people breathing the water-based Gas. It is a Nature-based transformation.” The Gourleys went on to express gratitude to at least two special doctors, Dr. Douglas Nelson, D.O. and Dr. John Monhollon, M.D., in advancing the research on the the water-based gas produced by WIT Machines.

wit.machrkfimcgomez615In June, the first WIT Machine was shipped from Colorado and was installed at Monhollon’s medical clinic, the Florida Integrative Medical Center located in Sarasota, Florida. This is good news for individuals seeking complementary therapies, who have inquired with the Gourleys for several years as to when a machine will be available in the Sarasota. The Florida Integrative Medical Center is located at 2415 University Parkway #218, Sarasota, FL 34243. Phone: 941-955-6220, and request to talk with Hernando Gomez. Gomez is shown standing next to the WIT Machine in the photo to the left.wit.manualrkcover415

wit.machrgnelsonliomission615In the Tampa/St. Petersburg Area, Dr. Nelson’s clinic, Lio Mission has operated one of Gourley’s prototype machines since August of 2012. Lio Mission/New Power Medicine has recently moved to a new address: 1700 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street North, Suite C, St Petersburg, FL 33704 (Phone: 727-498-8608). Nelson is shown standing next to one of Gourley’s prototypic machines in the photo to the left.

For More Information on licensing opportunities for the WIT Machines, visit: WIT International, LLC at or contact Dana Gourley, COO at WIT International, LLC at 941-923-8972.

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