How to Improve on Athletic Performance

by AquaNew on October 18, 2018

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We are all athletes. Our bodies have six elaborate circuit loops each connecting to various organs. Fascia or a thin sheath of fibrous material enclosing each organ serves as a semi-conductor for electrons. One analogy for our overall nervous system is it is like a Tesla resonance circuit board.

The electromagnetic nature of Watt-Ahh gives optimum performance support for our circuit or nervous system. The donor electrons in the water support energy for cells to work plus extra energy to replicate healthy cells. Watt-Ahh is pure polarized water … no ingredients added (caffeine, sugar and electrolytes) like that of all other sports performance drinks … plus Watt-Ahh supports the electron flow in our own circuit systems.

Teeth are Like Circuit Breakers

Individual teeth are connected to the various circuit loops within the human body. There are estimates that over 90% of cancers begin when teeth become infected. When teeth are extracted such as wisdom teeth, the autonomic nervous system (heart and small intestine) is affected. A root canal of a molar tooth can result in leaving behind dead ligament tissue that acts like a resistor associated with the spleen/stomach nervous system (also connected to our eyes, adrenal, endocrine and reproductive systems). The infection can spread to other teeth, affecting other circuit systems within the body. Another analogy is teeth are like circuit breakers … nerve damage from either tooth decay or extraction can cause breaks in our circuit system.

We recommend rinsing with the Polarized Water before and after each dental procedure. Scar tissue from surgery that sever a main circuit can also reduce the transfer of electrons to other organs. Drinking Watt-Ahh will support the Krebs Cycle in making energy for healing and restoration of the electric charge within the nervous system.

Muscles and Piezo Effect

Muscles (including bone, various proteins and DNA) can accumulate electric charge. The electrons can be mechanically released into the circuit system when we exercise … similar to what is called the Piezo Effect. We think the donor electrons in Watt-Ahh supports this benefit when we work our muscles while either exercising or doing our normal daily tasks.

Here’s a new thought … Drinking Watt-Ahh supports our own circuit board for optimum athletic (and everyday) performance.

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Yefim November 5, 2018 at 6:58 pm

I agreed with all statemen in your article. Will try to use it..

My knowlege about water: it is actualy -gas ( not liquid)and formula of water: H4O2

Best regardsYefim Levin


AquaNew November 8, 2018 at 12:51 pm

Thank you, Yefim


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