How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life – 2019 “Long Jet” AHA! Discoveries

This is a summary of our 2019 monthly series on “Long-Jet”, short for Longevity … or secrets for a longer and healthier life. We dedicate this year’s longevity series to Ann Cassidy, AquaNew COO Dana Gourley’s mother. She will be celebrating the start of her ninth decade of an amazing life … filled with family, church service and an unbeatable creative passion. She and her husband, Papa John, continue to make bling jewelry that brighten the lives of others who wear her gorgeous necklaces and bracelets. Yes, both of them drink their son-in-law’s Watt-Ahh.

One of our primary sources for this series is National Geographic’s “Blue Zones … The Science of Living Longer”, October/November of 2018 edition. For each “Blue Zone” we highlight this year, we will emphasize their sources of potable water … in our opinion, active electromagnetically-charged water such as clean rainwater, is one of the top secrets to good health.

  • January 2019: Blue Zone Okinawa, Japan and 500-year old native tea trees
  • February 2019: Blue Zone Sardinia, Italy and Cistus tea/Mediterranean rockrose
  • March 2019: Blue Zone Ikaria, Greece and healthier Fats (in moderation)
  • April 2019: Blue Zone Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, Wonder and Ahh!, lack of 5G wi-fi and calcium-loaded corn tortillas
  • May 2019: Blue Zone Loma Linda, California, United States and the historic archway of Modesto, California that reads: “Water, Wealth, Contentment and Health”
  • June 2019: Futuristic Creative Ann Cassidy
  • July 2019: The Water of Ages
  • August 2019: Fountain of Youth Pill? – Inside Look at the Longevity Business
  • September 2019: Mitochondric Life – Electrical Conductance of Watt-Ahh
  • October 2019: Longevity for Pets
  • November 2019: Fountain of Youth and Warm Mineral Springs

Photo credit of Cistus incanus is from searching Google photos.

Live Mitochondric!