How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life – 2019 “Long Jet” AHA! Discoveries

by AquaNew on January 17, 2019

in Ahh-Mazing Discoveries, Health/Nutrition, Longevity

This is a summary of our 2019 monthly series on “Long-Jet”, short for Longevity … or secrets for a longer and healthier life.

One of our primary sources for this series is National Geographic’s “Blue Zones … The Science of Living Longer”, October/November of 2018 edition. For each “Blue Zone” we highlight this year, we will emphasize their sources of potable water … in our opinion, active electromagnetically-charged water such as clean rainwater, is one of the top secrets to good health.


  • January 2019: Blue Zone Okinawa, Japan and 500-year old native tea trees
  • February 2019: Blue Zone Sardinia, Italy and Cistus tea/Mediterranean rockrose
  • March 2019: Blue Zone Ikaria, Greece and Healthier Fats (in moderation)

Photo credit of Cistus incanus is from searching Google photos.

Live Mitochondric!

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