Life is Like a Garden Hose

by AquaNew on August 25, 2017

in Health/Nutrition

By: Rob Gourley, CEO of AquaNew

My favorite analogy these days is that the human body is like a garden hose. When brand-new, the water flows unobstructed out of the end of hose. A young child typically has “good plumbing,” and toxins are flushed through both the vascular and kidney systems and eliminated from the body. As we age, the cellular junctures and cellular communication for repair are not as strong and “leaks” can happen. I like to compare it to leaks coming out of the side wall of a worn garden hose. Consequently, less water flows out of the end of the hose. You might have heard about “leaky gut” which results from lack of tight cellular junctures. These cellular gaps allow the passage of toxins to escape from our digestive track into the blood stream, which – in turn – is connected to our cerebral (brain) system. The toxins can become the root cause for neurological disorders ranging between a migraine headache and uncontrolled tremors in the limbs (or even worse, life-threatening memory-loss symptoms). Toxins also can cause failure in the multiple essentials functions of our endocrine glands – leading to symptoms of fatigue and fight-or-flight stress disorders.

Drinking Polarized Water can support transport of electrical charge to assist the body’s repair of accumulated injury. It is a balanced form of water with electrons that support electrical connections between cell-to-cell and cell-to-brain communications. Hydration is also key to cellular communication in transporting electrical charge and transit of energy generated from our food. Both electrical charge and hydration are needed to support cellular replication and repair of the “leaks” in our body, thereby safeguarding our blood stream from the premature aging impacts associated with toxins.

Electrical charge across cells with minimal leakage can pull water through the kidneys more efficiently and allow full discharge (urination) of toxins from the body … think about a hose with the leaks patched and water again flowing out of the nozzle.

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