Nanodoses – New Horizon in Medicine Using Electromagnetically Activated Water

by AquaNew on October 31, 2018

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One of our astute Watt-Ahh customers called us on the day when this new article and video appeared on Dr. Mercola’s website. George excitedly told Rob Gourley that the scientists are supporting Rob’s theories that the nano-structure of the Polarized Water (electromagnetically activated) can create homeopathic medicines. Small doses of medicinal agents or “nanodoses” can persist in water delivering therapeutic effects. The human body operates at super small nanodose levels such as hormones and cell-signaling systems and tiny doses of medicines have dramatic effects on biological systems.

New Horizons in Water

At a conference held at the UK’s Royal Society of Medicine in July of 2018, Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson announced a new revolution in Physics. He calls for “New Physics” on the horizon that recognizes the existence of complex structures, memories and frequencies in water that support cell-to-cell electromagnetic communication, signaling or “teleportation”. These mechanisms  currently cannot be fully represented in traditional mathematical models. Josephson further stated that chemical analysis also is a limited tool. During his presentation, he shows a video when water “learns” a complex and beautiful wave pattern resulting from a frequency (or a sound pitch) and duplicates that same pattern within a lesser time when the frequency is repeated. The pattern is shown in the photo above. Traditional Physics can not fully explain this memory mechanism along with other structural, kinetic and thermodynamic stages of water and its dramatic impact on a person’s physiology.

Josephson said … “Simple-minded analysis might suggest that water, being a fluid, it cannot have a structure of the kind that such a picture would demand. But cases such as that of liquid crystals, which while flowing like an ordinary fluid can maintain an ordered structure over macroscopic distances, show the limitations of such ways of thinking…”

Medicinal Agents Remain in Water with Ultra Dilution

Russian studies would support Rob Gourley’s premise that Dioxytetrahydride Gas (electromagnetically activated water) when infused into a tank of ultra pure water (over 6,000 gallons) to make the Polarized Water, remains even in dilution.

At the same conference, Vladimir Voeikov of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia, presented the scientific studies on biological effects of ultrahigh dilutions (or UHDs) that has been ongoing in Russia since the 1980s. Voeikov stated that the process of homeopathic dilution and agitation, even down past the Avogadro limit (so that no particles are supposed to still be present), the dissolved substance in water remains and the biological effect is retained.

Voeikov described nanoassociates (or microscopically tiny “clumps” of the dissolved substance) as making water different from pure water (e.g., electrical conductivity and surface tension similar to what we test in the Polarized Water). Voeikov states … “a solution diluted and agitated beyond the Avogadro limit is anything but pure water.”

We support the new science thinking promoted by Josephson and other scientists. It is our opinion that the liquid crystal structure of the Polarized Water has the attributes of creating nanodoses for homeopathic medicines that cross the blood-brain barrier as well as cell-to-cell absorption. Nano homeopathic medicines, proving in clinical testing to be significantly effective than that of placebos, are indeed part of the new horizon for both water and better immune responses in the human body.

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glen john December 15, 2018 at 5:30 am

“Nano homeopathic medicines, proving in clinical testing…”

Please provide links or citations to such studies. Mahalo.


AquaNew December 15, 2018 at 12:23 pm

Hello, Glen–Here is the best reference (the link was embedded into our article): Not aware of any specific clinical testing on nano homeopathic medicines but we think the Polarized Water can be one of the active agents. Dana Gourley, COO, AquaNew


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