One More for the “Ugly Book with a Happy Ever After Ending”

Depositphotos_23242292_s-2015If you ever met AquaNew’s CEO, Rob Gourley, you likely have seen his “Ugly Book” of wounds, including before Watt-Ahh and after Watt-Ahh photos, provided by our customers, health practitioners and veterinarians. Some of the “before photos” are gruesome and bloody but the “after photos” show the results of a remarkable “high energy” healing mechanism that is currently being studied by leading wound scientists.

The most recent addition to Rob’s photo album is on a partially amputated fingertip. This case has a different twist. It is not like the other successful cases of immediate hydration with Polarized Water after surgical replant repair. For this case, Dr. Lomax, MD, who was not the surgeon, told us the woman’s fingertip was becoming necrotic and dying two weeks after the repair surgery. At the request of Dr. Lomax (and trying not to be pessimistic), we rush shipped Polarized Water to the woman who lives on the East Coast of Florida so she could soak her finger as advised by Dr. Lomax.

Dr. Lomax gave us the following statement…“Aquanew was able to stimulate the body’s ability to heal in a more rapid fashion which has essentially saved her fingertip. The healing characteristics and potential of Aquanew in the areas of wound healing and potentially tissue regeneration are nothing short of phenomenal.”

Lenny Lomax, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon
President & CEO, Ultimaxx Health
Levare Non-narcotic Pain Relief

The timeline, and the complete testimonial provided by Dr. Lomax and his before-and-after photos can be found on our R&D Company, WIT International, LLC. Please visit As always, for all health concerns, please consult with an appropriate licensed healthcare practitioner.