Our Very Own Exclusive Tank

by AquaNew on October 18, 2018

in Water Ion Technologies, Watt-Ahh, WIT Machines

Watt-Ahh has arrived! Since we are producing twice a month on average, Nicky Traina, one of the plant managers at Ultra Pure Bottling in Tampa, FL., has changed the plumbing so this 6,500 gallon tank is exclusively used to make Watt-Ahh. The photo to the left shows the tall tank adjacent to “Big Jake” on the lower left. “Big Jake” (close-up in photo below) is a 80-cell WIT Machine that produces the Dioxtetrahydride Gas which is infused into the water held in the tank.

Previously, the tank also stored spring water for other water products bottled by Ultra Pure. Prior to filling with ultra pure water, the tank had to be cleaned with purified water. The base water for making Watt-Ahh must meet our high purification standards of less than 1 ppm of total dissolved solids (well below the TDS of filtered spring water). This exclusive tank will provide both efficiencies in production schedules and water conservation.

Thank you, Nicky, Domenick, Larry, Brandy and rest of the Ultra Pure team, in making this great production improvement for AquaNew.

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