Outdoor Athletic Warriors

by AquaNew on September 8, 2016

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Young adult man drinking water in gym.

Many commercials show close-ups of an exhausted and sweaty athlete glugging down a refreshing beverage in front of the TV camera. During this hot Florida summer, we have discovered another type of athletic warrior we admire … those who work outside. There is an army of individuals who brave the heat and humidity each day to tackle dense vegetation by mowing, trimming and clearing; while others repair cars and deliver parcels to our doorstep. One of our customers, Susan S. of Sarasota, FL recently doubled up on her Watt-Ahh® order when she hired workers to replace the roof on her house. She gave them Watt-Ahh® for hydration and to avoid the damage of dehydration that, in its worse form, can cause renal failure and possible loss of life.

Susan also wrote us that the foreman (who only came by daily to supervise the roofing job) knocked at the door asking for another bottle. She told us about another story of a recent service call by Comcast (due to having internet issues after the rains of Hermine). The tech entered her home, looked around and said, “I’ve been here before. You are the nice lady who gave me that great water when I was in the attic, and another one to take with me.” Susan told us that her sons laughed and said, “Yes, that’s our Mom – always giving people Watt-Ahh!” Foreman overseeing construction of houseSo, when he left he took two for the road!

The AquaNew office also tries to do its part to keep the “road athletes” hydrated. Our refrigerator in the workshop has chilled Water, and the UPS guys know they are welcome to pick up a bottle while lifting many boxes going out to our online customers and loading these boxes into their brown-colored trucks.

We salute our hard-working customers who work either outside or in partially air-conditioned environments, including Lawn King, Ecological Clearing, Eldridge Body Shop, Gary’s Auto Repair, and our own delivery guys, Steve Browne and Steve Lennon.

Tip: Keep a bottle of Watt-Ahh® as part of your first aid kit in case you or a family member start feeling the effects of dehydration while doing activities outside.

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