Summertime Safety and Recovery

by AquaNew on July 31, 2017

in Health/Nutrition, Water Ion Technologies

Splash! Jumping into a swimming pool, lake or ocean is a fast way to cool off during these hot summer days. Water can be so refreshing. However, all of us must take precautions for safety, including watching children while they are in the water. Sadly, there are drownings each year. Emergency CPR applied in time can help bring back life signs; but, that can be the beginning of a risky recovery over the following days. The tragic reality is a child (or an adult) revived by EMS from a swimming pool drowning may succumb a few days later.

Water entrapped in the lungs can harbor both bacteria and viruses that manifest into a deadly pneumonia within the lungs. Breathing Dioxytetrahydride Gas produced by WIT Machines may create a more aerobic environment within the lungs, which reduces the risk of pneumonia and supports the full recovery of the lungs after a drowning episode.

Maybe someday, WIT Machines can be used by patients recovering in hospitals, thereby avoiding some of the post-drowning deaths due to pneumonia complications.

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