Super “Un-Natural” Addiction

Last February, Rob Gourley and I attended an all-day seminar sponsored by the Institute for Brain Potential (IBP) at the recommendation of Pam S., one of our customers and a professional healthcare practitioner. The speaker was Angelo Pezzote, a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist. His presentation was entitled “The Pharmacy in Your Kitchen: An Overview of Medical and Medicinal Foods”.

Since opioid addiction is a growing national concern, we want to share some of Angelo’s theories. Throughout human history, alcoholic drinks were originally created from fermentation using naturally-occurring yeast and bacteria, think about mead (honey), wine (grapes) and kombucha (tea) . The raise in dopamine was typically within the normal range.

In the 1400’s, however, according to Angelo, distillation efficiencies (using a fermented substance and removal of water) introduced a higher proof alcohol that pushed an even higher level of dopamine in the body. The withdrawal was a hard crash, causing an obsession for the next fix.

Similarly, according to Angelo, cocaine in its natural form (leaves of the cacao tree which are chewed by the farmers), may not be as wickedly additive as the concentrated white powder form that comes into our Country, being snorted up the nose and directly into the cerebral area. These super “non-natural” substances including synthetic “designer” street drugs, highjack the normal functions of both the mind and body.

Angelo recited daunting statistics. Compared to the World’s population, United States has approximately 5% but uses 99% of the available hydrocodone. One-third of Americans live in pain and one-half suffer from chronic disease according to Angelo.

We have neither political nor social solutions for the severe drug problem in this Country except send along Angelo’s message that consumption of natural foods grown in either your own garden or purchased at markets, including fermented products, along with drinking pure water, of course, could help with reducing inflammation and pain. Abstinence from super “unnatural” substances also is a great healthy lifestyle choice.

One of Angelo’s favorites, however, is from the more benign seeds of the cacao tree. He recommends  eating one square of Ghiradelli dark, unsweetened chocolate (70% or greater cacao; more bitter the better) per day. He told us that it contains bioactive compounds including flavanols that are anti-inflammatory.   

Dr. Angelo’s Testimonial about the Polarized Water

AquaNew’s Rob Gourley gave Dr. Angelo several bottles of Watt-Ahh. Rob realized that Dr. Angelo, who helps so many, also needed a burst of energy to get through the rest of his high-science presentation (BTW, his sense of humor and passion to encourage us to talk with each other lived up to his promise of everyone being entertained throughout the day-long seminar). This is what Dr. Angelo posted on his website and social media outlets:

“These folks attended my seminar and liked it so much that they featured me in their blog. They make ionized Watt-Ahh (water). Clever name! I tried it and actually felt a difference! I definitely had more energy and felt more hydrated afterwards compared to regular bottled water”.

Awesome, Dr. Angelo!