Florida Integrative Medical Center

2016 Health Innovation Week

First Event – Open House Co-hosted with Florida Integrative Medical Center and WIT International Over 40 individuals attended the open house held on Wednesday evening, Nov. 9, 2016. Speakers included Mark Huey, Director of the Sarasota Economic Development Corporation and Health Innovation Week; Rob Gourley, CEO of WIT International and Inventor of the WIT Machine that […]

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First WIT (Water Ion Technologies) Machine Arrives and Is Installed in a Medical Clinic in Sarasota, FL

Part-time resident of Sarasota, Florida, Rick Kinning, has a strong opinion that the quality of freshwater is critical for worldwide health. Over the past year, his leadership and start-up financing made it possible to convert Rob Gourley’s water ion machine prototypes into new age machines ready for manufacturing. “Very few inventors ever see their machines […]

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