Health Spotlight

Ahh-mazing “AHA” Discovery for March 2015: Science Busting on Dietary Cholesterol

Thirty years ago this month the cover of Time Magazine showed a white paper plate with a sad face of two fried eggs and a downturn piece of bacon, entitled “Cholesterol – Now the Bad News.” After all of the subsequent diet mania and over-prescription of drugs that may have caused collateral muscle damage to […]

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AquaNew Team Member Spotlight: Danielle Palli

 …The “inspired teacher” behind the 888 number The Spotlight this week is an interview with Danielle Hier-Palli, owner of Birdland Media Works, by Watt-Ahh® Inventor, Rob Gourley. Danielle has worked as AquaNew’s publicist for almost one year. Her warm and kind voice answers the 888 number used to assist our Watt-Ahh® customers. Q: Where did […]

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AquaNew’s Health Spotlight: Jim and Becky Gabriel and the Gabriel Center for Massage Therapy

For more than 30 years, Jim and Becky Gabriel have been providing innovative healthcare services, educational classes and holistic health and wellness products to the community. As one of the premiere stores that sells Watt-Ahh®, we’ve heard some pretty remarkable things from people who’ve taken advantage of the many services offered at the Gabriel Center for […]

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