More Science about the Mighty Mitochondria (or How Drinking Watt-Ahh Supports a Mitochondric Life)

Our bodies run on energy produced by cellular mitochondria. One of life’s greatest mysteries is why the mitochondrial DNA is separate and different from that of our nuclear DNA. The biochemistry for our own life support is elaborate … including the various cycles using the glucose and fatty acids from bacterial breakdown of our food […]

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What is Watt-Ahh®? (Health and Product Development Benefits of Polarized Water)

AquaNew’s Polarized Water is the best ingredient for improving the efficacy of any product, including water purification, food production, energy drinks, holistic health, wound care and cosmetics. Pictured here are some of the products available on the market using the WIT (Polarized Water) Technology, including AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh®, bottled ultra-pure Polarized Water, which has been on the […]

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The Mighty Mitochondria

Consumers wonder if the many choices of energy drinks currently on the market provide any health benefits. AquaNew takes a novel slant on what is the optimum energy drink for health … It should support the power of the “Mighty Mitochondria”.  Mitochondria are contained inside our cells and convert moderate amounts of glucose (simple sugars) […]

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