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AquaNew’s Open Letter: Printed in SRQ Magazine (Feb. 2017)

Made on the Gulf Coast THANK YOU, JACOB, FOR A CLEVER AND ENTERTAINING ARTICLE in the SRQ magazine, January 2017 edition. We are honored to be identified among other top-notched manufacturers within the Florida Gulf Coast as well as your recognition that our bottled water product goes beyond the lunch box. The stable crystalline structure […]

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Watt-Ahh® Customers Share Their Own Stories to Help Others

We were pleasantly surprised that SRQ Magazine (February 2017 edition) printed our open letter. Rob and I state in this letter: “AquaNew, our Sarasota-based company that manufactures Watt-Ahh, showcases stories of our customers – it can range from a natural beauty tip, an athletic sports victory and even a story about their beloved pet. Our […]

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Made on the Gulf Coast

SRQ Magazine featured Watt-Ahh® as one of the Top Ten Hottest Products made on the Florida Gulf Coast. SRQ states: “Forget your Dasani. Sarasota-based WIT International has built a better beverage with the release of Watt-Ahh, polarized water finding wide use in the consumer and therapeutic marketplace.” The SRQ Magazine photo was taken in the […]

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