The Mighty Mitochondria – Importance of Cellular Hydration for Health and Longevity

Our affiliate partner, Dr. Zachary Bush, MD of M Clinic, recently described mechanisms for both efficient cellular hydration and optimum mitochondria function to slow down biological aging. Dr. Mercola compiled and posted this report entitled “Hydration Is About More Than Just Drinking Water — How to Hydrate at the Cellular Level to Improve Health and Longevity” *.

Cellular hydration is essential for life.  Drinking regular water even at high volumes may not internally hydrate cells. The structure of Watt-Ahh Polarized Water provides an osmotic (electron) charge that more effectively transports the water across the cellular membrane for better hydration.

Further, an excerpt from the Mercola/Bush report * (below) directly supports the crystalline-like structure of Watt-Ahh consisting of 4 hydrogen, two oxygen and electrons (we call the molecule “Dioxytetrahydride” infused into ultra-pure water) as being optimum for mitochondria energy function which is the basis for both healing and longevity:

“Your cells run on ATP, adenosine triphosphate. ATP is produced by the mitochondria which look like bacteria, but they live inside your cells. They’re about 100 times smaller than bacteria. These mitochondria take the sugar and fat out of your food system and turn that into ATP. They do that through a series of enzymes. The respiratory chain is a series of enzymes in the wall of the mitochondria that is the one that will ultimately result in the production of ATP.

Interestingly, the F1F0 [ATP synthase] pump, a tiny molecular structure at the end of this enzyme pathway, is what will convert one adenosine diphosphate to one molecule of ATP. That last step requires four hydrogens, two oxygens and two electrons …”

Even the citric acid cycle of the mighty mitochondria from a biology text book, shows the formation of four hydrogen, two oxygen and electrons similar to that of the structure of Watt-Ahh.

There are additional statements from the same Mercola/Bush report * that are relevant to the molecular science behind Watt-Ahh including:

  • “Proper hydration is not simply infusing your body with water. More specifically, it’s about getting the water inside your cells. To do that, you need to improve the electrical charges across your cellular membranes”.
  • “In a dehydrated state, you accumulate toxins due to a lack of electrical energy flow. When you add in exposure to wireless technologies that output high amounts of electrical resonance, your already disconnected cells become prone to resonating to the wrong frequency”.
  • “We talked about the mitochondria cranking out ATP. In the process of taking glucose or fat and turning it into ATP, the electron transport chain, Krebs cycle — all of these mechanisms of fuel production — create electrons. You’re creating this high electrical force within the cell through mitochondrial energy production. That leads to a gradient. A high electrical gradient is going to pull water inside the cell … [So,] you can’t talk about mitochondrial health or mitochondrial production or fuel production without talking about water. Those two are absolutely inseparable …”
  • “If you start taking a bunch of supplements but you don’t have that electrical charge across the membrane, you can’t get the [nutrient] to transit into where it needs to be, because you’re     lacking all of that intracellular commerce that’s being driven primarily by the electrical charge that’s driving water that will pull the rest of it with it.”

Cellular hydration and other simple interventions, can reverse your biological age according to Dr. Bush. He sums it up… “The chance of you developing a chronic disease, something like cancer, just went dramatically down because you’re getting water inside the cell — you’re scrubbing the whole system out …”

* If you can not download the Mercola/Bush report referenced in this article, please send an email to and she will send a pdf version to you.