Trend Back to Brick-and-Mortar Stores

by AquaNew on March 7, 2019

in Marketing

The convenience of Online Amazon has contributed to the downfall of traditional retail department stores such as Sears. Paradoxically, Amazon is now introducing new physical store concepts that will fill empty commercial spaces. These new stores will have a social side such as carrying products that Amazon customers have rated four-stars and above.

It would be cool to visit a store with a collection of top-rated products and see those that are trending in your own area … called Amazon’s “4-star” store.  One such store is located in the Soho area of New York City (see photo). We appreciate our customers who have given a top-rating for Watt-Ahh bottled water (plus a Amazon’s Choice designation) and perhaps Watt-Ahh will be offered in Amazon’s future “4-star” store near you.

The other types of Amazon physical stores include:

  • Cashierless convenience stores (Amazon Go)
  • Popup areas within existing stores
  • Book stores
  • New grocery stores with emphasis on customers’ top-rated products
  • Continued expansion of Whole Foods locations

The power (and expressed opinions) of the consumer (us) has driven both diverse and informative shopping experiences.  

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