Uplifting Hurricane Recovery Stories

I was gratefully relieved to read about the stories shared by nine customers (and friends). Their stories were surprisingly uplifting about the outcome of their respective tough decisions to either stay or flee prior to the imminent approach of Hurricane Irma into Florida. One woman from Georgia wrote that she and local churches provided shelter, food and money for a woman (also traveling with her daughter and dogs) who lives on Key Largo (which was devastated by the storm).

One man wrote that he, along with six neighbors, immediately helped a pastor repair major damage to his roof, and they were able to save the interior dry wall of his house.

Another woman wrote that she gave shelter to two guests who live in a mobile home park. Her fence blew into her neighbors’ yard and smashed their outside plants. She said her neighbors were not upset, and they all worked to cleanup and actually had an opportunity to visit. Fortunately, her neighbors had electricity when she lost hers, and they shared an extension cord that allowed her to loan a generator to a friend in need … a true “Joy Spark!”

A third woman said that while high-tailing it out of Florida, she left a supply of Watt-Ahh® for their neighbors who “rode out the storm.”

A mom with a young child who has some medical challenges evacuated to her friend’s home further inland in Florida. She wrote that her son was out of school for 2 ½ weeks and she is “happy things are getting back to normal.”

A fifth woman said she froze bottles of Watt-Ahh® in her freezer (4/5’s full) in case of a power outage; plus, she traveled north with some Watt-Ahh® bottles.

A sixth woman evacuated with Watt-Ahh® to a friend’s house located in central Florida and stayed with another woman who had her stash of diet Coke – neither one shared their drink of choice! She also wrote that the Polarized Water kept her healthy and energetic enough to rake the entire lawn of debris.

A seventh woman wrote, “ because I always keep plenty of watt-ahh on hand – thankfully – I went into the grocery worry-free when I saw the shelves in the water aisle EMPTY! I had no worry or panic, and I do literally thank God for watt-ahh! I even had enough to share!”

The last woman (no. 8) wrote that she and her husband experienced a peace from God that everything was going to be o.k. They had plenty of watt-ahh and food that they shared with six people who evacuated from Anna Maria Island. She wrote, “We never lost power and had almost no damage to our home! Praise God!”

It is also gratifying to Rob and me that most respondents said Watt-Ahh® helped them during and after when the storm hit. I have my own first aid story on the Polarized Water. While moving heavy metal chairs from our lanai to inside prior to Hurricane Irma, I dropped a chair onto the top of my foot. Since I bruise easily, I figured that my foot will be sore, swollen and multi-colored for days. I soaked my foot in the Polarized Water for two evenings … no bruising.

In addition to the stories, we learned helpful information that we would like to share with you too.

Sources to Find Out about Innovative Health Products: DrFuhrman.com; nutritionfacts.org; facebook.com/naturalsolutionsmagazine; youtube.com (cross-reference integrative medicine vets and physicians); Internet searches; educated friends; small group meetings; AquaNew weekly e-newsletters; and AquaNew investors

Reasons for Drinking the Polarized Water:

  • Reduce inflammation: 1 respondent
  • Reduce oxidative stress: 1
  • More flexibility: 1
  • Improved neurological function: 1
  • Better cellular absorption: 1
  • Better hydration: 4 (including hydration of the brain)
  • Better energy: 3
  • Improved health: 3
  • Detoxification: 1
  • Makes great tasting coffee: 1
  • Faster healing of the skin (damaged by cuts, bug bites and his baby’s diaper rash): 2
  • Better athletic prowess: 2
  • Tastes good: 1
  • Feel better: 1
  • Improved pet health: 1 READ MORE  about a new testimonial on regaining sight in a female boxer dog (please scroll down to the PETS section).
  • Misses availability of the gallon-sized jugs: 1
  • Shares the Water with others after telling about its qualities: 2

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