Water Blessings

by Dana Gourley on January 8, 2018

in Health/Nutrition, Potential Uses of Watt-Ahh

Ministers can not take a sick day! Our parents, Ann and John C., belong to an active church located in Ft. Myers, FL. Father Charles presides over Sunday services, weekly healing and Bible-study classes as well as visits to those who are ill. When Father Charles had a recent round with the flu, his dedicated parishioners gave him good things for him to eat. Our parents gave him Watt-Ahh®. When he was on the mend, part of his first sermon back into the pulpit was to recognize those whom brought him soup. He also specifically mentioned Ann and John for bringing the Polarized Water that helped to get him feeling better fast!

This flu season seems to be in full force. Staying hydrated with Watt-Ahh® may help with alleviating some of the lingering symptoms. None of us can take a sick day!

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