Watt-Ahh® – No. 1 Top Grocery Pick by Customers of Rebecca’s Natural Food

Picture1Brandon Davis, one of the managers of Rebecca’s Natural Food located in Charlottesville, VA. shared their best-selling products, or what she calls “Customer Top Picks,” and gave a description about why their customers and staff all love these products.

Brandon specifically wrote about Watt-Ahh®:

“Six thousand bottles sold over the past year indicates that Watt-Ahh is more than just your average bottle of water. The water is restructured to activate the hydrogen to make the water more stable and hydrating. The label claims it recharges your immune system for healthy cellular and mental energy. Customers and staff alike love it! Try a bottle and see how you feel!”

We are thrilled being shoulder-to-shoulder on the shelf with other favorite products, including Dr. Bush’s Restore (gut health), products made by both Nordic and Garden of Life, collagen-enriched products, and locally sourced gluten-free baked goods and eggs. Thank you, Brandon and Rebecca’s customers!