You’ve Heard of Urban Myths. How about Urban DUST! (Viral Beauty Campaigns)

by AquaNew on June 10, 2015

in Health/Nutrition

Health maskAs AquaNew launches its Naturally Looking Good Campaign, we wanted to share some global initiatives from major beauty product manufacturers, including Avon and Max Factor. The latter recently held a “smog busters” competition and requested selfies of their customers’ makeup looks while wearing smog masks.

The term “Smog” seems to be passé in the cosmetic world. The trend according to Spray Magazine (June 2015) is new products that combat “Urban Dust”, encompassing a wide variety of environmental aggressors that can impact skin negatively. This emerging trend relies heavily on the use of aerosols to provide a full-coverage, fine mist, which is intended to form a protective layer on the surface of the skin to guard against dust and dehydration.

Another major cosmetic house has an anti-pollution campaign that addresses the specific needs of “city skin” – sensitivity, dryness, redness, dirt and pollution.

Our best beauty tip for combating Urban Dust is to cleanse and detoxify the skin with Watt-Ahh®. We would enjoy talking with any of the major cosmetic houses on our thoughts for aerosol and cleansing wipe products using Watt-Ahh®.

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