A Healing New Year Wish

December 30, 2022 — It has been a tough year. But Rob and I witnessed evidence of regrowth. Nature’s plan, although intimidating in its massive destruction such as the aftermath of Hurricane Ian last September, has opened up the dense forest for sunlight and allow growth of young trees in spaces where mammoth trees fell from high-force winds. It is a bitter healing lesson but proves again the cyclic predictability of Nature.

We also respect the intensity of many of our customers in seeking the power of natural healing ways for themselves and their loved ones. We receive inquiries around the World about the limited number of WIT Machines that produce the DiTetra Gas. It is hard to listen to the scores of stories from individuals who are desperate to harness Nature’s power for healing and we have no reliable answers of when more WIT Machines will be produced. More frequently than we like, we can not produce enough Watt-Ahh to go around.

Rob and I have a healing hope that burns in our hearts. A passion to continue to find ways into the New Year that more individuals can experience the intrinsic healing power triggered by the active gaseous form of water. The DiTetra Gas has its own destiny and timetable that Rob and I hope we can witness more of its good potential benefits during our lifetimes.