AHH-mazing AHA! Discovery for April 2016: Global Health and Nutrition Network (Informa Exhibitions) – Showcasing of Innovative Ingredients and Solutions

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We are fortunate in Florida to have a major Informa Exhibition (the Ingredient Marketplace Expo) this month. The Expo is part of the Global Health and Nutrition Network (GHNN) along with other expos being held in Geneva, Moscow and Hong Kong (Vitafoods), as well as in Las Vegas and Sao Paulo, Brazil (Supply Side). GHNN is one of the world’s leading knowledge providers and further describes its expos as, “an unrivalled offering within the health and nutrition marketplace for individuals, businesses and organizations around the globe.”

GHNN featured WIT International as one of the five companies having innovative solutions and ingredients for the 2016 Ingredient Marketplace Expo. The other four featured companies include:

  • BIO-CAT & BIO-CAT Microbials (Booth #G44) – Benign bacteria species that survives extreme pH and heat associated with some food manufacturing processes and used in probiotic products.
  • Bioenergy Life Science (Booth #G37) – A 5-carbon sugar product that is claimed to be a  building block of ATP, the source of cellular energy.
  • ExcelVite (Booth #N30) – Palm carotenoid ingredients that can replace synthetic additives in food and beverages.
  • Grain Processing Corporation (Booth #H32) – Modified food starch that is a binder for creating for no-sugar-added crunchy granola.

GHNN is our choice for April’s Ahh-mazing “AHA” Discovery. GHNN creates international show floors for vendors offering quality ingredients, creates forums on health-related trends, and features companies with innovative solutions and ingredients to meet growing consumer demands for healthier products.

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