Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for March 2018: Creation of Simple Devices for Great Solutions

Three years ago, we met Walter Herbst, the designer of the famous pocket fisherman. That simple device inspired us to start our monthly tradition of spotlighting Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discoveries. This month we revert back to the first “AHA!” with another simple pocket-size device modified by AquaNew’s CEO and Inventor, Rob Gourley.

It is a new accessory for the 10-cell WIT Machine used in health clinics as part of their protocols to revive visual clarity. Rob purchased swim googles (Speedo’s best fit) from a local swimsuit shop. He added barbs and flanges to attach PET-1 latex-free plastic tubing to each side of the goggles that transport the Dioxytetrahydride Gas , giving more direct exposure of the Gas to the patients’ eyes … not unlike a nasal cannula but used for the eyes. We are receiving rave reviews on how refreshing the eyes feel.


Dr. Walter Campbell, DAOM, operates a licensed WIT Machine in his clinic located in Hollywood, FL. He has patients suffering from a variety of eye conditions. Dr. Campbell encouraged Rob to make the swim goggles accessory since he has patients suffering from a variety of eye conditions. His patients during treatment wear the goggles modified by Rob (allowing the Gas to be transported inside the goggles and vents to release excess Gas from the goggles). One of Dr. Campbell’s patients wrote:

“At 75, I have cataracts in both eyes. I am also on medication intended to prevent further vision loss by lowering intraocular pressure on my optic nerves. Due to these conditions, I am no stranger in blurred vision. In fact, I frequently experience difficulty in reading unfamiliar street signs or license plates of cars farther away than the one immediately ahead of me. My condition of occasional elevated glucose has also contributed to poor night vision and I avoid driving at night.

Between July and October of last year, I had a prolonged episode of blurred vision during which I saw three ophthalmologists and an optometrist. After experimenting with several eye drops, I was eventually treated for eye inflammation.

Last Saturday, after noticing more blurred vision than normal during a 15-mile trip from Pembroke Pines to Plantation, FL., I decided to avoid the many intersections by using I-95 to get to my next stop. I started out at about 5:00 pm.” In the complete written testimonial (then click on the fourth box located on the right column), he describes difficulties of getting home as well as driving again on Sunday.

He continues … “My day and night vision did not improve on Monday or Tuesday, until on Tuesday evening I received a 30-minute ionized water treatment on my eyes from Dr. Campbell, using the goggles he provided. Immediately following this treatment, I got into my car and headed for home in the dark, expecting the usual difficulties. This time all of the street signs, traffic signs and license plates were very clear, and everything looked crisper than before. I had no difficulty driving home at night, and the images and captions on my TV were sharp and crystal clear.

The ionized water oxygenation treatment has been effective beyond my wildest dreams. I have had four treatments to date and the effects continue to be amazing. Clear night vision, no confusion at medians, no blurred halos around traffic signals, tail lights or oncoming headlights. Just wonderful!”

Owen C., A Patient of Dr. Walter Campbell, DAOM of Florida
View Owen’s video testimonial

On March 17, 2018, Dr. Campbell forwarded to us another testimonial from his patient, Adrienne, who used the goggles as an accessory to the operation of a licensed WIT 10-cell Machine in his clinic:

“I am 51 years old, and was born with a hereditary condition that affects the oxygen level in my red blood platelets. Recently in the last 2 years, I started having problems with my eyes.  I have virtuous hemorrhaging in the rear of my eye which means it is basically bleeding.  The sickle-shape of cells cut the veins of my eyes, and cause bleeding.  I was able to see floaters in my eye which was a warning sign that something was about to happen.

I tried the water ionization water treatment machine.  The first treatment, I did not notice much difference in my eyes.  Dr. Campbell assured me to continue to do the treatments.  I finished the 2nd treatment, and there was an improvement in my vision.  The floaters were smaller, and had started to break up. I went to my eye  specialist after the 2nd treatment, and he did not see the need to inject me in the eye.  On the 3rd treatment, I tried both the eye goggles, and the cannula together.  The results were amazing.  The floaters in my eyes were tiny, and the strands that looked like little hairs in my eyes were almost gone.  As I type this, there is not anything blocking my vision.  I will see my retina specialist again in one month, and I can’t wait to see what he says.

4th treatment using both items was even better.  I could not notice any floaters, and the hair like particles were going away.  My eyes were cloudy before; but, now they are clear.  I am grateful for this new technology.  I am looking forward to my next treatment.  I’ve also noticed that my hands look red after the treatments, so my guess is that it is oxygenating my blood.  Thank you again Dr. Campbell.  It’s because of your commitment to excellence that I am able to live pain free, and crisis free.”

Adrienne W., A Patient of Dr. Walter Campbell, DAOM of Florida

In April of 2018, Dr. Buck provided a written protocol that is available at this link.

Thank you, Owen, Adrienne and Dr. Campbell for sharing with the intent to help others.