Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for November 2017: Best Tasting Water Plus

Ten years ago, AquaNew’s Rob Gourley did not set out to make the best tasting water but it became a huge “Aha” for all of us. It was a true serendipity. No one expected that accomplishment from a mechanical geek.

Rob discovered the electromagnetic tolerances to create a double-water molecule gas. The extra electrons increased the energy potential of water. Rob had a dilemma of how to save the energy potential of the Dioxytetrahydride gas. His “Aha” was to bubble the gas back into pure liquid water. It was a success in energizing the water for drinking too.

We call it Polarized Water due to the repelling nature of the added electrons. The dual water molecules are separated from other water molecules (less clustering) for better cell-to-cell and cell-to-brain absorption when someone consumes the Water.

Beyond the Aha! of Great Taste

The Polarized Water also has therapeutic attributes. We recently received more stunning testimonials on drinking the Polarized Water and breathing the Dioxytetrahydride gas. One is from Bill who has kept a daily journal for several months on his progress towards neurological recovery. A second one is from a dentist (Dr. Joe) who formerly received test results on a high concentration of mercury in his blood. During his last round of testing, no mercury was detected in his urine. He attributed the recovery to both drinking the Polarized Water and breathing the Dioxytetrahydride gas.

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