All Hail to the Queen of Dental Hygiene

March 1, 2022 — All hail to the Queen of Dental Hygiene, Barbara Tritz! . She identified AquaNew’s blog on the importance of active hydration for optimum mitochondria energy which is essential for both health and longevity in her recent blog (February 28, 2022). Her blog is entitled “Recipe for a Healthy Mouth”. Number 9 of her recipe is hydration. Barbara advises in part … “Yes, water. Something so healing, so simple to implement …” She continues … “Your cells and the mitochondria within the cells need water to function properly. Our health depends on the health of our cells. Reduce your chances of a chronic disease by getting fluid into the cells. Simple yet so important.”

Barbara is a practicing dental hygienist and author who is located in Washington State.

Thank you, Barbara, for your sound professional advice on dental health.