An Inspiring Story – Rachel’s 9th Birthday Wish

From time to time you run across a story so inspiring and touching that you have to tell someone about it.  Oddly enough, on a conference call the other day a few of us were all talking about the same incredible story we had seen on TV. Some of us saw it on the Today Show, others on the Nightly News and all of us were in awe.  As a result we felt like we wanted to do our part and try to spread the word.

An Amazing Little Girl

Rachel Beckwith, at only 9 years of age, has provided a breathtaking example of just how much one person can do to make a positive difference in the world.  After learning that millions of children are dying before their 5th birthday as a result of having no access to clean drinking water, Rachel decided to create a website with the intention of raising $300, by the time she turned 9 years old.  She explained that every cent raised would go directly to freshwater projects in developing nations, and asked that people “please consider helping me.”  Tragically, Rachel did not live to see the extraordinary impact that her small website has created.  Rachel died in a car accident before the donations on her website had reached her goal of  $300. Her mother realized that this was Rachel’s dream and kept it alive.  When her story was picked up by media outlets, it spread like wildfire and to date, Rachel’s website has raised more than 1 Million Dollars for clean drinking water.   This just proves once again, that one person can truly make a difference in the world. Thank you, Rachel Beckwith, for providing us with this amazing grace.

To see Rachel’s site and to make a donation go to Rachel’s 9th Birthday Wish.