AquaNew Special Presentation: The High-Energy Form of Water

by AquaNew on January 14, 2015

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PLEASE JOIN US for a Look at the High-Energy Form of Water
… why dinosaurs could not live on today’s salads!
When: Thursday, January 22, 2015 – 6:00 to 7:15 PM
Where: Gabriel Center, Gold Tree Plaza, 2886-A Ringling Blvd., Sarasota
RSVP:  941-954-0300 (free but seating is limited)
WattahhAdSarasota Inventor and Logical Storyteller Rob Gourley will present his thought provoking – and certainly not mainstream – theories on the energy potential of restructured water. Rob is motivated, however, that recent research breakthroughs lend support to his cutting-edge theories and gives some explanation of numerous positive anecdotal experiences shared by others, even those from clients of the Gabriel Center.

The Energy State of Water 

The Energy State of Water continues to change, and has been changing for millions of years ago, back when the dinosaurs grazed on non-vascular plants in the primal swamps. The morphology of plants that we eat today has evolved for survival in a lower energy, rain-starved world. One theory is that plant-eating dinosaurs might have perished because they did not have enzymes needed to breakdown lignin in the evolved vascular plants – blocking full accessibility to the plant’s nutrients (same as our own bodies today, and the reason we do not eat trees).

The good news is that nutritional bioavailability – less lignin and greater amounts of digestible fiber, protein and carbohydrates – may be restored when food crops are grown hydroponically in the high-energy form of water (using a process discovered by Rob Gourley). Greater nutrient bioavailability in our own food may also have a role in eliminating obesity and diabetes.

About Watt-Ahh Inventor and Mechanical Engineer, Rob Gourley

Along with studying the energy potential of water for more than 35 years, Rob is a mechanical engineer who has worked on many building projects for the Alaskan pipeline, marine passenger, and vehicle ferries in the U.S. Virgin Islands, “green” shopping center construction, and currently an owner of a high-speed offshore race boat team.

Rob discovered in his Sarasota workshop how to bubble the high-energy form of water into ultra-pure water, which was the beginning of AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh®. The new stable structure is described as a liquid crystal embedded with extra electrons and frequencies similar to that of Mother Earth. Rob calls it a “Thunderstorm in a Bottle” such that the Polarized Water supports your own intrinsic healing energy.

Rob and his wife, Dana who is a botantist and an AquaNew corporate officer, will hand out complimentary Watt-Ahh®. Additionally, decaffeinated coffee made with Watt-Ahh® and health-oriented snacks will be served.

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