Staying hydrated and fast recovery is important to athletes. Watt-ahh is absorbed at a cellular level up to 3% faster than regular water.

Solving America’s Drinking Problem

Men’s Health Magazine is right: Americans have developed a severe drinking problem.  The search for improved beverages to give us weight control, better nutrition, energy and flavor, as well as convenience has led the beverage industry into unintended consequences.  The resulting concoctions of high fructose corn syrup, ascorbic acid, caffeine and artificial flavors introduced into …

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Watt-Ahh® is a great alternative to Diet Soda!

As reported on The Today Show this week, a study has been released by the University of Texas, Health Science Center, regarding the effects of Diet Soda on the human body: This new scientific information reinforces our position that Watt-Ahh® is an amazing “beverage alternative” to diet soda, in promoting good health and weight …

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Common sense in 2009

Based upon discussions with Ted Suratt, CSO of AquaNew, LLC Our bodies rely upon metabolic function, in order to absorb vitamins and nutrients (*both contained in the food we eat, and in oral supplements which we ingest), in order for our bodies to function at their optimum level. Our immune systems are compromised by the …

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