Solving America’s Drinking Problem

Men’s Health Magazine is right: Americans have developed a severe drinking problem.  The search for improved beverages to give us weight control, better nutrition, energy and flavor, as well as convenience has led the beverage industry into unintended consequences.  The resulting concoctions of high fructose corn syrup, ascorbic acid, caffeine and artificial flavors introduced into …

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Inspired Image – Lightning in a Jar

 This image was originally published by Avi Ornstein in a slideshow from Israel, however the Founders of AquaNew, L.L.C., felt it provided a unique insight into Ultra-Pure Polarized Watt-Ahh   ®, as  AquaNew, L.L.C. has captured the essence of rain produced by a Thunderstorm! Watt-Ahh® – Natural Energy for Smart Brains