Watt-Ahh Delivery Van Sporting Race Boat Photo

by AquaNew on August 31, 2015

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unnamed-1Photographer Chuck Carroll captured this action photo of our race boat with both outdrive skegs piercing the water surface during the 31st Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Festival last July. Chuck graciously gave us permission to use it as the new profile photo on the Team’s Facebook Page.

Many offshore race fans know about the Watt-Ahh race boat but they may not always realize it shares the brand name of the great bottled water, Watt-Ahh®. Watch for our delivery Sprinter van that now sports the photo of the race boat on each side of the van.sprintervan.815raceboat

Additionally, the 2015 Economic Impact Report was recently released that indicates the Sarasota Festival had a $32 million dollar economic impact, a resounding 23% increase over last year. Proceeds donated to the Suncoast Charities for Children also experienced an increase this year. Over 85% of visitors polled said they plan to attend again next year.

Now that’s Full Throttle!

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