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A WattAhh-Shed Moment: Dr. Zachary Bush, MD Presents a New Health Paradigm

Dr. Zachary Bush, MD, along with several of his colleagues from the Revolution Health Clinic, led the two-day medical conference held in Sarasota, Fla. As a respected endocrinologist and internist, Dr. Bush looks for the cellular source of systemic stress and hormonal chaos that underlie illness and disease. He presented a new health paradigm, one […]

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Spotlight on Zachary M. Bush, MD of Scottsville, VA – Discover Your Innate Health

This past Fall, Dr. Zachary Bush was the first among several other medical practitioners to voluntarily test the Polarized Water using a special camera that was recently introduced into this country. Their electrophotonic data show the Polarized Water to be consistently different from other structured waters. Different, in this case, is a good thing. Although […]

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