The Social Power of Offshore Powerboats

Team REDS/Watt-Ahh boatThe Sarasota/Bradenton Area is receiving international Sports Performance recognition by hosting major sporting events such as U.S. Olympic trials, world-class tennis, soccer and rowing events. In our opinion, the “Father of All Sports Performance” is the offshore powerboat races – the annual celebration of our area’s powerboat design and manufacturing legacy for over 30 years. This annual rite showcases worldwide the best racing fans on Earth while enjoying beautiful beaches and the rumble of powerboats and helicopters speeding by.

The new race organization for Sarasota, Offshore Powerboats Grand Prix (OPGP), and the hosting nonprofit charity were instrumental in arranging Greenlight TV to produce the one-hour television show that is being broadcasted by the CBS Sports Network this month (estimated to reach 60 million households worldwide). Highlights of the 2015 Sarasota races also will be shown by at least three international motorsports magazine shows – Motorsports Mundial, Max Power and Bloomberg Power – estimated to have a global reach of over 700 million households.

It is mind-boggling to think that the Florida Gearhead’s Watt-Ahh Boat racing in its own hometown, will be seen by so many around the World. OPGP has posted this great action-packed video of the 2015 Sarasota powerboat races shot from the chase helicopter.

Photo credit to Tim and Heidi Burns and we also express our appreciation to the Watson Family for their hospitality during the races.

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