The Ultimate Beauty Kit

Move over Mary Kay! For anti-aging natural beauty, a case of Watt-Ahh is the ultimate beauty kit … beyond any blush or lip gloss product. Some years ago, we had a “Naturally Looking Good” campaign and the top 20 winners who shared their natural beauty tip received a neck ring hand-crafted by Ann and John Cassidy (our parents). A collection of the memes highlighting each winner can be found here.

One of our favorite memes is shown here about Deb’s story on the importance of traveling with a sufficient supply of Watt-Ahh (forget packing clothes!). Other beauty tips included drinking Watt-Ahh for creative stamina and athletic prowess, and adding to healthy “vitamix” drinks. Additional tips included grounding and meditation.

We wanted to share Ross’ recent testimonial that falls into the “Naturally Looking Good” category:

“Dr. Campbell’s ‘success’* inspired me to spray my eyes with Watt-Ahh and … OMG … my results are simply amazing so far. I have a device with a 3/8 inch screen that displays three lines of digital information. I wear glasses and was having a difficult time reading those lines of information – it was scaring me. After about two weeks of twice daily spraying my eyes along with eye exercises, I can now read those lines of information without difficulty.  For the first time in years, the whites of my eyes are clear.” Ross continues in his testimonial describing how his brain feels after spraying his eyes with the Polarized Water is “… like I’m awakening additional ‘Watt-Age’ with super clarity”.

Ross also talks about how the Water alleviates his moderate case of dandruff after he has tried many products with harsh chemicals for about five years. Ross wrote … “Thinking nothing ventured, nothing gained and just for s___s and giggles, I figured what the hey, give it a whip. After rubbing my scalp with Watt-Ahh on about the fifth day, no dandruff storm. I now spray my scalp when I spray my eyes.”

You can read Ross’ entire testimonial here along with many others.

 * More information on Dr. Campbell’s report on eye rejuvenation can be found here.

We encourage anyone to share their own “Naturally Looking Good” beauty tip … who knows, AquaNew may send you as a gift the ultimate beauty kit, a case of Watt-Ahh!