The Watt-Ahh Event – New Natural Healing and Health Discovery

Natural Healing and Health Discovery

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Time: 7 p.m.

Place: Church of Wisdom, Delphi University of Spiritual Studies, 725 Old Silvermine Road, McCaysville, GA

Contact: Luminara Wellness Center at 706-964-1172

AquaNew CEO Rob Gourley is invited as the keynote speaker for this event. Rob will also be demonstrating the 10-cell WIT Machine that will be available for service at the Delphi University for at least several months. Delphi University’s flyer can be found here.

Breaking News!

Rob’s lifelong friend, Morgan Wesson, has accepted our invitation to travel with Rob to Delphi University and serve as moderator. Morgan is an independent movie maker and published book author with emphasis on the lives and times of inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell. It should be an interesting evening with Rob and Morgan recalling experiences during their own childhood in upper State New York during the 1960s, including interaction with world-renown inventors (most are family members) for Syracuse China, Pass & Seymour dimmer switches, the Morgan Horse, the Campbell Soup Twins, FAB detergent, Firestone Tires and many others. One of the main topics for the discussion will be on the need for natural energy for healing, and some thought-provoking theories … such as how magnetic fields on Earth are maintained. We look forward to sharing the video with those who cannot attend this event.

Read on for the bios of Morgan Wesson and Rob Gourley…

Morgan Wesson is a journalist and media producer with a personal interest in the history of technology.  He collaborated with the great-grandson of Alexander Graham Bell in writing about the life of the inventor and his race to invention, including the telephone, metal detector and early airplanes. The New York Times gave their book rave reviews, and it’s currently in its ninth edition. Morgan attended MIT in Boston. He lives with his wife (Georgia), son (Will), and daughter (Emily) and their dogs in Victor, N.Y. (outside of Rochester).

Robinson (“Rob”) Gourley is a mechanical engineer. After college at Wentworth Institute in Boston, he headed to the Alaskan Pipeline in the early 1970s. With his expertise in energy generators, he was one of the original teams to bring heat to the camps in the bitterly cold Arctic. While in Prudhoe Bay, Rob started his research on the energy potential of water. His second home was on an island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he lived off the grid and worked on decommissioned Navy ships to convert to passenger and vehicle ferries traveling between St. Thomas and St. John Islands. Rob is the corporate head for both AquaNew (polarized water, Watt-Ahh®) and WIT International. He lives with his wife (Dana), their cat (Dewey) and lots of wild deer and turkey within eastern Sarasota, Florida (south of Tampa).     

We extend our blessings to Kimberly, Charles, Audrey and Bob for their time with us in Florida to learn more about the Technology and WIT Machines.