Top Fitness Trends for Year 2012

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The growing trend for fitness in 2012 is not a temporary fad, but rather a necessity for those individuals conscious of their outward appearance and overall health. Not so long ago, fitness was an industry “owned and operated” by professional athletes, however people of all ages are now pursuing fitness and fitness training in order to lose weight and maintain the best quality of life possible, as they grow older. The increasing numbers of retirees, who wish to maintain an active lifestyle, also drive fitness trends, putting personal fitness trainers in high demand. In fact, living a healthy lifestyle in your 60’s and beyond is becoming the “norm” for seniors, as they enjoy greater social activities, and travel opportunities.

In addition to looking and feeling better, these fitness trends also include an increasing number of health-minded individuals, who wish to be more physically powerful, in an effort to improve cardiac health and increased metabolism for an improved body structure. Because of the collective consciousness regarding physical health, the National Association for Fitness and Health predicts 2012 will be focused on the following top fitness trends:

• Personal Training by Certified and Educated Fitness Professionals
• Strength Training
• Fitness Programs for Older Adults
• Exercise with Diet for Weight Loss
• Obesity Prevention in Children
• Core Stability Training
• Group Personal Training
• Functional Fitness (weight bearing activities)
• Yoga

In the United States, our food habits have increased calorie intake from food and beverage consumption, thus resulting in weight gain and the need for more focus on nutrition and exercise. In order to lose weight and promote good health at the same time, fitness professionals are being sought out at a much greater rate, for guidance in the areas of nutrition and exercise. Childhood obesity has also come under national focus, as the US is one of the leading countries in the world with a high incidence of child obesity, which in turn relates to the ever-increasing diabetes epidemic occurring in this country.

The addition of core stability training in the 2012 fitness trends, relates to the focus on the abdominal wall, the pelvis, the lower back and the diaphragm, and its ability to stabilize the body during movements. While breathing is important to core stability of the body during moving and lifting, the diaphragm is the main muscle of breathing. Thus, the abdominal wall, pelvis and lower back are bounded to core stability. These midsection areas need more attention with simple exercises.

The most popular trend in fitness is “functional fitness,” which involves weight bearing activities, and uses physical movements including lifting, stooping and reaching. By concentrating on improved balance and coordination, functional fitness coordinates strength of body movements as well as focusing on core stability. Data source: Silicon India News – January, 2012.

In 2012, people of all ages are clearly focused on improved health and fitness, with ever-increasing options to meet this demand. It has always been known that the human body must first be properly hydrated, in order to metabolize the vitamins and nutrients found in a healthy diet. We encourage people of all ages, to seek out the most natural diet possible, as well as the purest water available, in the pursuit of good health and fitness. Watt-Ahh®, an AquaNew® Water, allows for a better uptake of vitamins and nutrients, as shown in a pilot study performed by a University. For more information, please visit:

On behalf of the AquaNew Team, we wish everyone a healthier New Year.


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