Vitamin C: Watt-Ahh® may help in Maintaining Normal Vision Health Longer

Current news out of India reports on a Study conducted by a group of researchers at Aravind Eye Hospital Pondicherry, India, wherein they tested more than 5,600 people who were over 60 years of age for cataracts, while questioning their diet and vitamin C levels in their blood.  Overall, approximately 73% of the Study participants were found to have cataracts, however, that risk was lowered as vitamin C blood levels and vitamin C intake increased.  “It’s biologically plausible,” said Senior Researcher Astrid E. Fletcher, a Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in the UK, “but this does not mean that older adults should load up on vitamin C supplements to ward off cataracts.”  “India has the highest burden of blindness in the world,” according to Fletcher, and the main cause is cataracts.”

Based upon the findings of a recent University Transport Study in Florida, Watt-Ahh® provides greater uptake of vitamin C to a cellular level in the body, and may also help in maintaining normal vision health longer, as we age.

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