WATT-AHH® Chihuahua! We Need a Bigger Box

by AquaNew on October 8, 2014

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Chihuahua dog is in box We recall the dramatic role of the ionic Chihuahua dog in the 1998 vintage Taco Bell commercial, as he tries to trap the approaching lizard (Godzilla) using a small box. The dog turns to the camera and says “Uh, Oh! I think I need a Bigger Box.”

The Bell rang for us too. We are always trying to figure out how to reduce shipping costs for our online customers. Repacking the 24-16.9 oz. bottles or 12-liter bottles into two smaller boxes increased the shipping cost, sometimes more than the bottled water itself (as UPS costs have trended higher over past years).

The Bigger Box that we are introducing this month holds a full pack of either the 24-16.9 oz. bottles or 12-liter bottles. The good news is that our customers will now pay about 40% less in UPS shipping when compared to shipping two smaller boxes.

The new box, made out of durable Grade 275C cardboard, will weigh about 32 lbs. when filled with bottled Watt-Ahh®. There will be punch-out handles on the sides of the new box to assist in picking up and carrying the package.

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